Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ashevile (kinda sorta) has its own flag

This is what I get for procrastinating.

A couple of months ago, some businesses in Asheville put together an unofficial Asheville flag contest. Oh, there were some doozies. But I'm having trouble finding the really good ones (and by "good" I mean "hilarious") since I rested on my laurels and didn't blog about it until today (AFTER the contest has ended, I might add).

Anyhoo, Jack Moon of Fairview designed the winning flag, seen here.

Moon's banner, "featuring a view of both the city’s skyline and mountains, wound up with the most votes in the contest, which was sponsored by Asheville Pizza and Brewing and radio station WWNC-AM/570," writes the Citizen-Times. "More than 27,000 online votes were cast in the contest to determine six finalists, with another 2,000 or so choosing the winner, Asheville Pizza co-owner Mike Rangel said.

"... Rangel plans to put the flag into production, and offer it for sale. He dreamed up the idea in hopes that area residents would raise the flag at out-of-town festivals and concerts to promote the city."

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