Friday, November 16, 2007

Despite drought, N.C. Christmas trees in good shape

According to this press release from N.C. State, North Carolina's Christmas tree crop will be just as good as last year's.

"The state will harvest and distribute around 5.5 million trees at a total value of about $130 million to stores and lots across North Carolina and the Southeast," says the release.

"The recent rains came just in time to give most N.C. Fraser fir growers a much-needed reprieve from the drought."

"The six to nine inches of rain we had in late October replenished the moisture in the trees before harvest started," said Jeff Owen, an NCSU area extension forestry specialist who works with Christmas tree growers across the N.C. mountains. "While the rain didn't come in time to save many Christmas tree seedlings planted in 2007, it was just what the doctor ordered for our market trees."

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