Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Favorite N.C. ghost stories

I loved "library day" as a kid in elementary school. I would immediately rush for the section on ghosts -- particularly North Carolina ghosts. I was always amazed at the number of ghoulish stories in our fair state. (And I must say thank you to author Nancy Roberts for compiling all of these for little minds like mine to read.)

So, on this Halloween 2007, I've been reminiscing on some of these fantastic stories that fascinated me as a child. Here are some of my favorites (with links, if possible). Please feel free to share your own.

-Devil's Tramping Ground, Chatham County. Old Beelzebub himself apparently does his nightly planning here by walking in a circle. (A circle that never disappears!!!) I've never had the nerve to try to camp out there. (Good friend Chris Daniel has a vlog about it here.)
-The Bath footprints, Bath. A horse race between a brash young man and the Devil ended up deadly when the horse got spooked and threw the young rider. The horse hoof prints never disappear!!!
-Maco Light, near Wilmington. My mother swears she saw this as a child. I've heard of late that because of the re-routing of trains or somesuch that the light no longer exists.
-The Little Red Man, Salem. An old cobbler was killed a couple hundred years ago at Old Salem. He was known for wearing a red jacket, I believe, and he was seen over the years being mischievious.
-The ferry crosses, throughout Western North Carolina. I've seen these tiny, stone crosses as the county museum in Murphy has a nice display of them.
-Lydia trying to get back home, near Greensboro. A young girl hitches a ride home from the prom. Unfortunately, she's been dead for a long time, killed in a car wreck -- on PROM NIGHT!!!!
-The bloody rock of Peter Dromgoole (sp?), Chapel Hill. At Ghimghoul Castle is the rock upon which Peter died after dueling for his love. The blood will never wash away!!!!

And perhaps my favorite of all, the Brown Mountain Lights.

In the western hills of North Carolina stands a mountain that is not particularly striking, or even high, but it plays host to perhaps the strangest mystery in the state. The mountain is called Brown Mountain and it lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and for many years, it has attracted the attention of people all over the nation and even the attention of the United States government as two separate investigations have been conducted by the US Geological survey into the strange anomalies of this mountain.

The strange events that are occur here have been called the Brown Mountain Lights for more years than most can remember. They appear along the ridges of this mountain on a regular basis and are faithful enough that in clear weather, you can see them just about any night that you care to.


M. Lail said...

I don't know how I forgot about Hammock House in Beaufort. Blackbeard lived there and the house is supposedly haunted.

In fact, the town of Beaufort boasts many a ghost story:

Jen R. said...

The Pink Lady at the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

According to history, there are many ghosts that inhabit the inn but none so well known or easily recognized as the Pink Lady. In the 1920’s an unidentified young lady was relaxing in the Palm Court. Either by accident or through maliciousness she fell over the low security wall around the court. Her body, clad in a pink nightgown, tumbled and crashed to the tiles of the Great Hall below. And ever since her death, the Pink Lady has returned to socialize with Grove Park Inn guests.

It is not difficult to find employees of the inn who have seen her; it might be easier to find employees who have not seen the lovely lady. She has been the subject of ghost hunters and paranormal infrared photographers. Sometimes she is a foggy blur and other times, her features and pink night gown are quite distinct.

I remember reading about it, so I googled it for detailed info. We're staying there in a couple of weeks, so we'll let you know if we see her.....Ooooo....Ooooo....

M. Lail said...

Nice one, Jen! I don't know how I forgot about her!

Speaking of ghosts that live in old inns ... We were at the Lake Lure Inn a year or so ago. It was in the fall, when it's pretty sparsley occupied. The place is known to have a couple of ghosts at least. Well, during the night, something woke me up, and I *swear* I saw what looked like a young man creeping around the foot of the bed. He then disappeared.

Now, I knew the place was haunted going in, so it may have been my mind playing tricks on me. But it was still pretty creepy.

You can view some photos of the Inn here: The old postcard rendering kinda reminds me of the hotel from "The Shining."

Having said all that, I HIGHLY recommend it!