Wednesday, September 26, 2007

N.C. symbol update: 'Here be suggestions'

We got some great responses in our quest to find a viable symbol for North Carolina. Among the suggestions:

-The shape of the state

-A cardinal

-A dogwood

-A Long Leaf Pine

-And, of course, a pig (you know, for barbecue).

But the one that is perhaps most intriguing was offered by David: Edward Teach's flag (above)

Teach, as most people know, was Blackbeard the Pirate, who ruled the waters of the Eastern coastline in the early 1700s. (Read more about Blackbeard here.)

An interesting symbol for the entire state, perhaps. But there is plenty of N.C.-related aspects to Teach:

-He lived in Bath, the state's oldest town.

-He hid out along the coves of the Carolina coast.

-He was given free reign by then-Governor Charles Eden.

-He was finally killed near Ocracoke.

One interesting aspect of Teach that I had never known until researching him: it's never been proven that he actually killed anyone. In fact, he "got by" with fear alone. A big part of that fear could've been his flag, which was, according to this site, "one of the more unusual flags flown by the pirates. His flag had a skeleton holding an hour glass in one hand to signify that your time was running out. A dagger in the other hand and the heart with three drops of blood signified that blood would be drawn if you did not surrender. Horns and cloven feet on the skeleton signified that he was in league with the devil."

Some other "neat" things about our good friend Mr. Teach: He thwarted the blockade of Charleston and was hunted by the Governor of Virginia. He may have been born in England, but he sounds like a rapscallion North Carolinian to me.

Plus, that flag would no doubt look cool on shirts, hats and belt buckles.

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M. Lail said...

One other way this symbol could be adapted (ala the Palmetto and Crescent from our neighbors to the south) is by changing its colors. I've noticed fans of schools doing this in S.C. (Purple and orange; maroon and black, etc.). In N.c., the heart could be colored the color of the school you hate. So, in my case, I would change it to a light -- we'll say Columbia -- blue.